(C75) I’ve REMIX ALBUM 「The Front Line Covers」

I’ve REMIX ALBUM 「The Front Line Covers」

The Front Line Covers

okay !! i finally got this album via Torrent

don’t ask me to upload it (at least for now) since my upload speed sucks…

and i’ll present you my very short review since i’ve just listened to it once… this is a quick review… so lets start  😀


originally sung by AKI, this time it’s sung by Mami Kawada, my current favorite uta-hime 😀

Mami sounds VEEEERRRY different from her usual voice… her tone is really low here, even lower than LYTHRUM if i should compare. but it fits the song. this could be a good new path for Mami when she’s stucked with her current rock style. about the arrangement, it’s just a bit different. if u like older sound then u’ll like the original version’s arrangement. but i personally like the new one. it’s abit weak though -_-a


originally sung by MOMO, this time it’s sung by Eiko Shimamiya

i like the original version so i would be a bit subjective here. the intro is almost the same, but it actually has slightly different arrangement. MOMO sang it with slightly weaker tone, but i think it fits the song better. Shimamiya-sensei did good job actually, putting her own style into this song. but since i like MOMO so i’d still prefer the original version xD xD *sorry for Shimamiya-sensei’s Fans out there x3*

3. 季節の雫 (Kisetsu No Shizuku)

originally sung by R.I.E, this time it’s sung by KOTOKO

okay, R.I.E’s type of voice is VERRYY different with KOTOKO’s. and i think i like R.I.E’s voice better. *lol*. R.I.E’s  voice is… lets say… much like MELL’s or Shimamiya-sensei’s voice. yeah, u know the older person’s type of voice, don’t you ??  😆  about the arrangement, it is almost the same, so there’s no big deal. i’m not familiar with the original version since i just leech got the album last month. i’m real late fans of I’ve Sound x3

4. Days of promise

originally sung by SHIHO, this time it’s sung by Mami Kawada

so… Mami turned back to her usual voice here.  i don’t know what but i feel that her vocal here is a bit weak. compare to ‘RIDE’, this is much weaker. SHIHO’s vocal was really good in the original one. even though i like Mami more than SHIHO, i personally like SHIHO’s version of this song better than Mami’s version. Sorry Mami, but ur voice is really weak here -_-a

5. そよ風の行方 (Soyokaze no Yukue)

originally sung by AKI, this time it’s sung by Kaori Utatsuki

AKI’s voice is definitely much stronger than Kaorin, who’s more to the sweet type. so i don’t know how i should compare them both. but, Thank God, Kaori did a good job here and her voice turns out to fit the song pretty well. so, both AKI’s and Kaorin’s WIN  😀

6. Birthday eve

originally sung by SHIHO, this time it’s sung by Mami Kawada

haha, i don’t like SHIHO’s voice here but i like the song *lol*. Mami is finally able to put her own color in this song and doesn’t lose to SHIHO (accidentally, she sang two songs which were previously sung by SHIHO). well, to be honest, Mami’s vocal is still a bit weak, but she can combine it with the music pretty well, so Mami’s version WINS here 😀

7. I WILL…

originally sung by MARY, this time it’s sung by Eiko Shimamiya

okay, i don’t really remember the original version so i don’t remember MARY’s voice well, but i know that this song was good 😀 . Shimamiya-sensei’s good here, i think her voice is like in ‘Naraku no Hana’, soft but yet not too weak. so… can’t put who’s better, but i think both version are good 😀


originally sung by AKI, this time it’s sung by MELL

hey… i don’t know why but MELL sounded similar to AKI *lol*. well, not really similar actually. MELL’s vocal is so strong (she’s always that strong, you know xD) and she knows where to tone down her voice. so… aahhh i can’t decide x3 i’ll just pick both xD xD


originally sung by AKI, this time it’s sung by Kaori Utatsuki

oioioi… Kaorin sings two of four AKI’s song here o_O is the rumour that she’s the substitute for AKI actually true ?? well, never mind. Kaorin’s voice here is pretty much like in ‘Tenjou kakeru monotachi’. much stronger but still sweet =3 and it turns out to fit the song pretty well. humm… okay… same as above. both AKI and Kaorin win *lol*

10. Belvedia

originally sung by SHIHO, this time it’s sung by KOTOKO

OKAY !!! really…what should i say… ‘Belvedia’ wasn’t my favorite track. the arrangement is quite different and i kinda like the original version. but KOTOKO’s vocal is a WIN here. weirdly, her voice is good here and sounds pretty much like a weaker-version-of-her-voice-in-‘Re-sublimity’-but-definitely-good and fits the song. so, KOTOKO wins here  😀

11. Disintegration

originally sung by Lia, this time it’s sung by MELL

I LOOVVEE the original version by Lia. i mean, her english is real, not just a japanese’ ENGRISH. and MELL’s version is… sorry… ENGRISH. and the arrangement is different. it’s much weaker and, not to mention, less noisy. so sorry MELL, please learn English more before singing another English song. as for the vocal, MELL’s vocal is kinda weak here, so unusual to heard. in the end, Lia’s version is still better than MELL’s.

12. Dream to new world

originally sung by MIKI, this time it’s sung by Kaori Utatsuki

finally, the last track. i’m not familiar with the original version. HUURRAYY !!! Kaorin’s voice is slightly different than usual and a bit stronger.  good improvement for Kaorin 😀 she should do this more often x3. no idea about which version is better, but if Kaorin’s like this then i’ll just listen to her version x3

okay, i should say that some of the remixes are better and some need more work.

and, oh come on, it’s good to hear more from Kaorin 😀

so just go download your own copy  😆


3 Responses to “(C75) I’ve REMIX ALBUM 「The Front Line Covers」”

  1. January 4, 2009 at 12:50 AM

    Sorry haven’t replied at your post but yeah I already got this album… Yeah! I like Dream to new world!! Kaorin deserves some better cover songs IMO. =D

  2. January 4, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    it’s okay 😀

    well, maybe not only cover songs she deserves…
    she deserves better NEW songs xD xD

    and just like you, i like RIDE too x3 x3
    Mami’s really cool there xD xD

  3. 3 Pedropinilla
    January 26, 2009 at 11:34 AM


    (Sorry for this late comment but I just listened this remix album)

    Well, what can I say?… your review was very good and I agree in almost every part of it.
    But you know what?… I’m disapointed with the final result of this production because I was expecting more. More talking about the remixes and the I’ve ladies performance of the tracks cause I think it lacks quality.

    My favorite remixes are RIDE, Birthday Eve (2 Mami songs! 0_o what’s happening to me!) and Belvedia.

    Wait, wait, wait… nothing for MELL?????… sonna koto naijo!… I only like TWO FACE because Disintegration sounds not so powerful like the original version (I’m use to MELL’s Engrish so, that point isn’t important for me =^_^=).

    Well, that’s what I think, get well soon.


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