[Re-direct] Report from I’ve in Budokan 2009

I won’t say much since you can read the more complete report here

and yes, i also get my info there  😆

I’ll just post the Track List (Taken from I’ve Sound Explorer):

  1. PSI-missing / 川田まみ
  2. radiance / 川田まみ
  3. 風と君を抱いて / 川田まみ
  4. RIDE -The Front Line Covers ver.- / 川田まみ
  5. JOINT / 川田まみ
  6. 緋色の空 / 川田まみ
  7. Get my way! / 川田まみ
  8. ULYSSES / 島みやえい子
  9. DROWNING -The Front Line Covers ver.- / 島みやえい子
  10. To lose in amber / 島みやえい子
  11. 雨に歌う譚詩曲 / Healing Leaf
  12. 秋風に君を想ふ / Healing Leaf
  13. Rimless ~フチナシノセカイ~ / IKU
  14. 木の芽風 / IKU
  15. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪) / 島みやえい子
  16. 銀河の子 / 島みやえい子
  17. Shining stars bless☆ / 詩月カオリ
  18. Chasse / 詩月カオリ
  19. Senecio / 詩月カオリ
  20. SWAY / 詩月カオリ
  21. Change of heart / 詩月カオリ
  22. Do you know the magic? / 詩月カオリ
  23. リアル鬼ごっこ / KOTOKO
  24. / KOTOKO
  25. Close to me… / KOTOKO
  26. 季節の雫 -The Front Line Covers ver.- / KOTOKO
  27. きれいな旋律 / KOTOKO with マーティ・フリードマン
  28. U make 愛 dream / KOTOKO
  29. Re-sublimity / KOTOKO
  30. ハヤテのごとく! / KOTOKO
  31. under the darkness / C.G mix
  32. version up / C.G mix
  33. ミオクルカラ / C.G mix
  34. True eyes / C.G mix
  35. DETECT / C.G mix
  36. Welcome to HEAVEN! / C.G mix
  37. Crash Course ~恋の特別レッスン~ / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  38. 恋愛CHU! / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  39. SAVE YOUR HEART -Album Mix- / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  40. Double Harmonize Shock!! / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  41. KILL / MELL
  42. SCOPE / MELL
  43. さよならを教えて ~comment te dire adieu~ / MELL
  44. repeat -Deep Forest Remix- / MELL with エリック・ムーケ
  45. Bizarrerie Cage / MELL
  46. Red fraction / MELL
  47. 美しく生きたい / MELL
  48. HYDIAN WAY / Love Planet Five with BLUEMAN GROUP
  49. See You ~小さな永遠~ / Love Planet Five
  50. 天壌を翔る者たち / Love Planet Five
  51. Fair Heaven / Love Planet Five

Okay… the most surprising-but-already-suspected appearance was of course IKU. she wasn’t mentioned as a guest artist, she didn’t appear in any press conference for the live, but many of us should have suspected that she would performed. she’s like apseudo-member of i’ve anyway ^^;;

talking about Mami Kawada. i like Mami’s setlist. but i think they should put ‘Hishoku no Sora’ at the first. and she performed ‘RIDE’ ?!?! COOL !!! x3

let’s pass Eiko Shimamiya (sorry for Shimamiya-sensei’s fans out there) and go on to Kaori Utatsuki. she performed ‘Senecio’ and ‘Do you know the magic?’ again ?! let’s hope it’s different the previous one in 2005.

next, KOTOKO. GREAT !! her 1st song was ‘Real Onigokko’ !! x3 Glad to see her performed this one. can’t wait.

after KOTOKO there is C.G mix. okay, i don’t know C.G mix songs except ‘Welcome to HEAVEN!’ since it was included in I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol.1, so gonna skip him  😛

next, SHORT CIRCUIT. KOTOKO and Kaorin performed together. i wish they would performed ‘Seishuun Rocket’ Y-Y

after that, MELL. MELL started with ‘KILL’. and there’s one real surprising thing. MELL sang ‘Bizarrerie Cage’ !! the song hasn’t even been released x3

i supposed  after this part is encore ??

and then… LOL… Hydian Way was performed by Love Planet Five with Blue Man Group… what the ? so the Blue Man Group only appear in one song, huh ?? good news  😀

and about the performance of Love Planet Five, i’m amazed they performed ‘See You ~Chiisana Eien~’ and ‘Fair Heaven’ with only 5 remaining members of the original 7 members I’ve Special Unit. Can’t wait to watch it…

maybe i should buy the DVD when it’s released x3


4 Responses to “[Re-direct] Report from I’ve in Budokan 2009”

  1. January 4, 2009 at 10:24 PM

    live dvd fuckin wheeeereeee!?


  2. January 4, 2009 at 10:29 PM

    unfortunately, NOT YET T__________T

    the more i read the report the more i want to watch it Y-Y

  3. 3 Pedropinilla
    January 8, 2009 at 11:37 PM

    Nice comments, I agree with most of them.
    KOTOKO singing “Real Oni Gokko” is something we can’t wait to see, it’s gonna rock for sure ^^, but I’m a little dissapointing because I wanted Blaze and Collective included.
    About MELL, I think is a good list of songs even knowing the lack performance of kicks!, I want to know the style of her wearing outfit on stage ^^.
    Well, since I don’t have the chance to see the concert, I don’t have much to say so far.

  4. January 9, 2009 at 8:42 AM

    wow, thx 4 visiting my blog pedro x3

    i really want kotoko to perform ‘Abyss’ xD xD
    since i watch in youtube her Live in Yokohama Arena 2006 version. she was dancing there *lol* but somehow it’s still better than the messy dance ‘Face of fact’ in Winter Live 2004 *lol*

    and MELL, yes, i’d like to see ‘kicks!’. i didn’t like the songs but i eventually liked it, after deciding to try romanizing the lyrics x3

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