Mami Kawada – masterpiece (Single)

Mami Kawada – masterpiece (Single)

Mami Kawada - masterpiece

Track List:

1. masterpiece

2. jellyfish

3. masterpiece (instrumental)

4. jellyfish (instrumental)

YESS… i’m home and finally !! my own long awaiting single x3

as you all have known, masterpiece is 2nd opening song for the anime ‘To aru majutsu no index’ starting from episode 17… or 16 ?? i don’t know, i haven’t watched both since i was on vacation.

oh… and no  download link for now, maybe i’ll upload it when i got time xD my download list is SOOO long xD xD

anyway, enough with the nonsense chit-chat and let’s go to the review.

let’s start with ‘masterpiece’. well, i’ve waited for this song for too long. really, too long. and considering the title, it’s worth waiting for that long *lol, what’s the point in talking about this ??*

anyway, this song might or might not be Mami’s masterpiece in her career but the song is quite easy-catching. at least for me. i got addicted to the song right after i watched the PV. well, PV factor is important 😛 but, hey !! this song is a real good start for Mami in this year. cool PV and great song. Maiko Iuchi-san has done a good job in composing/arranging the song, but i gotta say, she could have been better x3 i don’t really like the pre-chorus part, sounded abit like MELL’s ‘Virgin’s High!’ -_-a

Mami’s voice in ‘masterpiece’ is… well, just like usual, but yet, improved.  her lyrics… she mixed a lot English/Engrish into it. the english parts are good, the grammar i mean, unlike someone whose grammar and pronunciation are all over the place 😛 *gets kicked by MELL’s fans xD xD*

next, let’s move to ‘jellyfish’. Trance-y track. so trance that it doesn’t have a lot lyrics xD xD NakaZaki collaboration for a trance this time is quite good, unlike ‘PSI-missing’ which was done kinda half-heartedly 😛

but, hell yeah, i don’t know why but somehow ‘jellyfish’ is not as addictive as ‘masterpiece’ for me. even for the instrumental version, where ‘jellyfish’ should have been able to win since its lyrics is only abit that it is almost like an instrumental track xD xD

final words, fred said he loves ‘jellyfish’. but i’d still say i love ‘masterpiece’. it’s really up to you, whichever you like =3 ‘masterpiece’ would be more familiar though since it’s tied to ‘To aru majutsu no Index’, although the Op scenes for ‘PSI-missing’ were still much better than the scenes for ‘masterpiece’. the scenes for ‘masterpiece’ are not so synchronized with the song -_-;;


3 Responses to “Mami Kawada – masterpiece (Single)”

  1. 1 Rawr
    February 7, 2009 at 7:43 AM

    As a whole, you’re probably right; the image syncing isn’t as good. However, I didn’t pay attention to psi-missing enough to care. For me, PSI-Missing wasn’t exactly what I was expecting after the portemayo album, and JOINT. So I was disappointed with it, and found it uninspiring to say the least. The op animation that goes with Masterpiece, I find did fit it pretty well though. Especially, that pan up of Misha (The S&M bondage clad hair over eyes loli). Masterpiece, the song itself, is all sorts of awesome after beginning voice filter thing, but I’d actually have to say that Jellyfish wins it for, just because of its chorus near the end. I felt as though that part was done beautifully, however, the song as a whole feels like it could have been something more.

  2. February 7, 2009 at 12:26 PM

    thx for visiting anyway =3

    well, others also said that they love ‘jellyfish’ more. i personally haven’t had the interest but it may appear surprisingly, just like ‘ame’ back then xD xD
    i started to like ‘ame’ just because i was listening to it during rainy day xD xD

  3. 3 kurosakisangoi
    May 9, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    i still say i love both ‘jellyfish’ and ‘masterpiece’! ^^

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