IKU – Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ (Single)

IKU – Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ (Single)

2nd Ending theme for anime ‘To aru majutsu no Index’

IKU - Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~


1. Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ (誓い言 〜スコシだけもう一度〜)

2. Yurari Haru (ユラリハル)

3. Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ (Instumental)

4. Yurari Haru (Instrumental)

well… as i have explained in my previous post, Chikaigoto is 2nd ending theme for the anime ‘To aru majutsu no Index’, while the 1st ending was also sung by IKU.

review, huh ?? duh… not really in the mood, though… wanna enjoy the song more… more… and MOREEE xD xD *get stomped*

okay here’s my short review

1. Chikaigoto ~Sukoshi Dake Mou Ichido~ (誓い言 〜スコシだけもう一度〜)

okay… i hate IKU for having such long title for almost all of her song. look at Rimless (Rimless ~Fuchinasi no Sekai~) for example. hah~~ so tired just by reading the title -_-;;

but well, enough with that shitty long title complain. Chikaigoto is quite the same type as ‘Ko no me kaze’ (which was IKU’s debut featured as Hayate no Gotoku 4th ending song). it’s relaxing and very soothing. i don’t know whether i should say both sound too similar or my ears have gone wrong, but both ‘Chikaigoto’ and ‘Ko no me kaze’ sound rather similar. not really the same though.

2. Yurari Haru (ユラリハル)

slow… ballad. now now… this one is quite different from IKU’s song typically. IKU explores her voice more and we can see her voice quality here, with a smooth vibration and soft-but-powerful voice which she usually doesn’t show. she sounds more mature here, much more than her other songs.

summary: i like the B-side track ‘Yurari Haru’ more than the A-side track ‘Chikaigoto’. ‘Yurari Haru’ really shows me a different side of IKU. most of her songs are the easy listening type, while ‘Yurari Haru’ gives ballad. something IKU hasn’t explored before. IKU could be a rising star, if she wasn’t part of GENEON Entertainment of course -_-a


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