Hayate no Gotoku !! Second Season start !!!

Hayate no Gotoku !!


Yeah… second season… whole change…

– No more I’ve Sound in theme songs… remember the 1st season ?? where 2 opening songs were sung by KOTOKO and 3 ending songs by other I’ve Divas (Mami Kawada, MELL, & Kaori Utatsuki) ?? plus the 4th ending song is composed/arranged by Kazuya Takase, our I’ve Sound King ??
– from Synergy SP to J.C. Staff, which has produced many anime, like Shakugan no Shana and To aru Majutsu no Index (which also had I’ve Sound for their theme songs, particularly Mami Kawada and KOTOKO).

first of all, about the opening song. it’s a good song from ELISA with wonder wind, but it lacks of the spirits of Hayate no Gotoku!. Remember how KOTOKO did 2 full-of-spirit opening song ?? I really feel that that’s what Hayate no Gotoku actually need. however, the ending song is fine 😀 it’s sung by Shizuka Itou, the seiyuu of Hinagiku Katsura, featuring the student council trio *lol*. the ending song has more spirit more than the opening song, which is good.

and then… the chara design. it’s slightly changed and… honestly, it’s not as good as the 1st season. however… the comedy part is still… insanely… STUPID !!! xD xD it’s so Hayate no Gotoku to have such stupid comedy, xD xD it’s still not at max level, though =.=

here’s some screencaps… it’s about the freestyle marathon 😀

snapshot20090405192502MAX HEART… Maria-san and Saki are… IDIOTS xD xD

snapshot20090405192747Know how to beat Hinagiku ?? Take her to somewhere high 😛

snapshot20090405192759Gyaboo~~ Dere² Hinagiku x3 x3

snapshot20090405192922*lol* by Yukiji-sensei’s win… Hayate changed, from a butler with a debt into a pathetic bum with debt xD xD


2 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku !! Second Season start !!!”

  1. 1 akira kwang
    April 27, 2009 at 10:33 PM

    *lol* hei… do you have the link of the ED song?

  2. April 28, 2009 at 8:30 AM

    unfortunately, since it’s not officially released so i still don’t have it either Y-Y

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