[Album] Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

as i’ve promised *lol* a short review for Ayumi’s NEXT LEVEL xD xD

Ayumi Hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL

1. Bridge to the sky
3. Disco-munication
4. EnergizE
5. Sparkle
6. rollin’
8. Load of the SHUGYO
9. identity
10. RULE
11. LOVE ‘n’ HATE
12. Pieces of SEVEN
13. Days
14. Curtain call

now… it’s all started with a Bridge to the sky, which is an interlude track covered with half-techno beat plus Ayumi’s voice, let us move to the NEXT LEVEL. somehow, this song reminds me of Beautiful Fighter and Blue Bird being mixed together. it’s still not so techno-ish. not really my taste, but still, it’s better than Blue Bird IMO. and then… Let’s go Disco-munication !!! this interlude is a real prelude for Ayumi to her next level, Techno-pop !!! x3

started here, we go techno. we have to EnergizE now. i love how cute this song could be with the 8-bit sound in the background, plus Ayumi’s voice is cute, yet high-spirited and still powerful enough. in the next song, she’s Sparkle-ing. this is the real introduction to Techno-Ayu, since it was already included in the single RULE/Sparkle. next… let’s get rollin’ !!! techno again !!! Ayumi’s voice is layered here and sounds 8-bit. i love the combination of techno and Ayu’s powerful voice here. brilliant. and the ending… it’s cute !!! like some old games on the ‘GAME OVER’ part. xD xD

after rollin’ too much, let’s go GREEN. it’s abit weird to put this song in this album, since it’s more… NORMAL… but like i’ve told you before, i love the oriental touch here. we could also hear Ayumi’s powerful voice here, too. x3 next… the Load of the SHUGYO !!! i love how this interlude sounds more like trance than techno. =3 although it makes me comparing it to I’ve Sound, particularly HARD STUFF. xD xD *gets bricked by other Ayumi’s fans* it’s too short, too. xP

let’s get an identity. it’s the rock-ish type, like a mix of ‘is this LOVE ?’ and ‘1LOVE’. it doesn’t work for me, even though i actually love Rock-Ayu. -_-;; the next song will RULE you all !! remember that this song is the theme song of DragonBall: Evolution, the Holywood-taste-live-action of DragonBall ?? it’s really rocking !!! it presents us our lovely Rock-Ayu very well. x3

next song, LOVE ‘n’ HATE. i have to say i love and hate this song, literally. i love this song because it’s unlike the usual Ayu, but at the same time, i have this song because this song sounds as if it’s made for Koda Kumi. -_-;; you’ll understand what i mean when you listen to it. the next interlude, however, is halfly s**t and halfly brilliant !!! the first half running lazily, but the last 1 minute… it’s awesome !!! it’s like trance again. x3

the last 2 songs are Ballads in a Row. first, Days. have i told you how sad this song could be ?? this song has a very deep sad emotion in it, and Ayu sang it sadly… she moved my heart. x3 i shed my tears sometimes when i listened to this song. and the last song, we have our Curtain call. it’s gorgeous. the piano and the choir in the background sound gorgeous. nothing more can i say. Gorgeous.

end of words, Ayumi going techno is actually a good step. although there are a few of her fans that still can’t accept it very well, i think Ayumi is building a new path in her career.

it still can’t beat MY STORY as my most favorite album, though. 😛


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