SAVIA Life Side

okay… first of all I should say SORRY to all of you who have visited my blog for having no updates for almost a month… and between those “untold” hiatus, my Mami Kawada Live Tour 2008 “Savia” Live & Life Vol.2 DVD had arrived xD

I actually wanna post the screen captions of the Live side, but unfortunately at this time my internet connection sucks… so, meanwhile, i could only post the Life Side since I’ve done this one long time ago 😛 and some of you probably had seen it before since I’ve posted it in my facebook account. xD *runs before bricked*

Mami Kawada Live Tour 2008 SAVIA: Life Side

Get more here, I’m too lazy to upload it to wordpress again xP~

anyway, Mami looked ULTRA-SKINNY !!! =_= She must have been really on diet like all of us had suspected before =_= but this is too much !! poor mami… Y-Y


2 Responses to “SAVIA Life Side”

  1. 1 Pedropinilla
    June 22, 2009 at 7:15 AM

    It is a good performance of a good artist, about me, I enjoyed a lot the Live part and because of my japanese that is very poor I didn’t understand almost anything of what she said in Life part, could you share the important points of this talking Yuki?.

    About Mami’s body, by looking the pictures of the past Budokan we knew that she’s very skinny compared with previous years and I think that it looks ok with her (though I like her with a few “kilos” more ^^).

    …and how are you now Yuki? OK…

  2. June 22, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    yeah it was great performance from mami 😀 and i will post the live side later (i’m working on it) and it will probably a bit long xD~
    i haven’t watched the life side thoroughly, so i haven’t understood what she said either… sry for this m(_ _)m

    about the diet, she probably admitted about it in her blog, but you know how her blog works… so i couldn’t get more details -_-a

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