Recent Anime watchlist

Since I don’t have constant connection… My watchlist is very short, too.

Regularly watched (on each Director’s Cut version released.)

Seikon no Qwaser

Occasionally watched.


Yeah, not as many as I planned. I’ve missed a lot episodes of Book of Bantorra, and rather lazy on updating it. To aru Kagaku no Railgun… watched it. Occasionally. Missed a lot episodes, too. I’m not too interested in arrogant Yuri-maniac Kuroko. And BiriBiri Misaka Mikoto started to be boring. I missed To aru Majutsu no Index‘s Kaori Kanzaki.  T-T

Talking about Seikon no Qwaser. Breast Milk. Censored version sucks. I watched only the first three episodes for censored version. Seriously, the level of the censorship in Seikon no Qwaser is (probably) as horrible as Indonesian’s censorship. What the heck with breast-featuring scene turned into scene full of walls and unnecessary scenery.

The second is… the cast. Seriously. K-ON!‘s Yui Hirasawa, Aki Toyosaki; Suzumiya Haruhi, Aya Hirano; Suzumiya Haruhi‘s Yuki Nagato, Minori Chihara; Kara no Kyoukai‘s Azaka Kokutou, Ayumi Fujimura; and the last, K-ON!‘s Mio Akiyama, Yoko Hikasa. This is serious business!! *bricked* Although I would be more than glad if Sasha the Martyr is voiced by my favorite Shota-specialist seiyuu, either Paku Romi or Yuu Kobayashi, his current voice fits his character perfectly.

And then we have the brilliant ED theme song, Passionate Squall, sung by Ayumi Fujimura, Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Yoko Hikasa. I don’t usually like theme songs sung by seiyuu, but this one is entirely different case. Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Aki Toyosaki all have released their album(s). I gotta say, though, I would prefer Yoko Hikasa having a solo album rather than Aki Toyosaki. Ah, I’m going out of topic. *bricked* Passionate Squall is a good Rockish song. It’s very catchy, too. Definitely on recent playlist. XD

Anyway, this unusual rant may continue another time… Now gotta sleep because… I just need to sleep. XDDD~


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