[Single] Ayahi Takagaki – Kimi ga iru basho (2010.07.21)

Because I suddenly have the idea. *bricked*

Brief Introduction:

Ayahi Takagaki is a seiyuu under Sony’s Music Ray’n. She is also part of seiyuu idol Sphere along with Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu and Minako Kotobuki. She was graduated from a music college, majoring in vocal. You can say that opera voice is one of her ability since she was trained in a music college. Not that I care since I have Wakana though 😛 *bricked* This single I’m going to review is her debut single, Kimi ga iru basho, released on July 21, 2010. It is used for the ending theme of the anime Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, which Ayahime is also starring there.

[Single] Ayahi Takagaki – Kimi ga iru basho (2010.07.21)

[Single] Ayahi Takagaki - Kimi ga iru basho (2010.07.21)

1. 君がいる場所 (Kimi ga iru basho)
2. わたしだけの空 (Watashi dake no sora)
3. You Raise Me Up (cover of Josh Groban‘s)
4. 君がいる場所 (Instrumental)

First, we got the titular track, Kimi ga iru basho. It’s a decent song by Element Garden’s Fujita Junpei. It’s simple, yet enchanting. Nice use of synthesizer, the piano thingy, too. The chorus is very catchy. It’s not utilizing Ayahime’s opera voice yet, though.

Next is Watashi dake no sora. Ballad, this time. Honestly not my cup of tea… Ballad, that is. The strings on the background are nice. Still, not utilizing Ayahime’s opera voice. :3

Last… *sigh* Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. I used to love this song. Used to. Okay back to topic. *bricked* This is where Ayahime’s opera voice being utilized. I don’t like the way she sings it, honestly. Kinda too weak and lack of power. Maybe it’s because I’m used to how Yuriko Kaida sings in her opera voice. Strong and Powerful. Even Wakana’s opera voice is still stronger than Ayahime. Ayahime’s vibrato is more superior than Wakana, though.

Overall, this single is a pretty decent debut for Ayahi Takagaki. Kinda more generic type, but still, having You Raise Me Up on the tracklist clearly stating her ability.


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