Kalafina LisAni! LIVE 2010 Special Interview

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I’m just trying to translate it as readable as I could since my English and Japanese skills are nowhere near a native speaker. Some sentences might make no sense to people with advanced Japanese skills, please correct if me I have mistakes. Thank you.



Just now, such spirit from Kalafina who has been to the extend of crossing the ocean. We got to talk with Wakana, Hikaru, Keiko about the girls’ thoughts and enthusiasm for performing in LisAni! LIVE 2010!

ーFirst of all, We’re glad to have you performing in LisAni! LIVE 2010!

Kalafina: Thank you very much!

Hikaru: We are very motivated to be able to perform along with so many various artists, always look forward to such event.

ーWithin this year, your chance to perform in several events with other artists has been increasing, how do you feel about anew difference from one-man live experience?

Wakana: The chance to observe so many artists’ performance is not much, It’s like enjoying (the performance) from the guests’ point-of-view. To taste such sense of unity like “Let’s bring the event to the climax together with other performers!” It’s a fascination, isn’t it.

Hikaru: And then, considering there are a lot who watch our live for the first time, we have to think about how to deliver our distinctive characteristic to these people. Given that we can make use of such experience in our one-man live, I believe it’s a very valuable personal experience.

Keiko: I love that sensation of noisy atmosphere. That feeling is peculiare. In one-man live, we have to build up all of those from the beginning by ourselves, but in an event each artist build it up, thus delivering a special atmospheric impression. Such impression can’t be produced in one-man live.


ーBeing not on your own, how difficult is it to draw the guests who attend for various artists into Kalafina’s world?

Keiko: Honestly, it’s difficult (wry smile). We have also talked about this point a lot of times. Like the uniqueness of Kalafina’s song, “How to express this the best?” The result, “We’ll do as what we is like. If it’s well received, then Lucky”, such conclussion as “We want to enjoy ourselves, too” came. “Despite of so many guests with various liking attending, if our trial with all might is well received, it will be a pleasant thing, won’t it.” No matter whenever or wherever, we feel that we shouldn’t forget what we are. Being calm, protecting ourselves carefully. While behaving like that, the events cause disturbances. “Has our mental masks become stronger?” (laughs).

When you don’t need to act so, however, do you think you posses absolute self-confidence about your musicianship?

Wakana: Ah. There too. Participating in various lives, going abroad for one-man live, we feel that those experiences existed. During our event appearance in China, the artists performing before us were exciting. Given that we (our music) entered with majestic, fairytale-like ambiance, our hearts beat very fast. Still, when we said “Let’s do our best…” and held hands as we went (to the stage), earth-shattering shout of joy were heard in the assembly hall. I was convicted they said “We have been waiting for you to come all the way”. The thoughts “what should we do?” in our self-confidences inevitably came again. Of course, by such one-by-one experiences we became stronger. Thus, we believe we must not forget those feelings.

Hikaru: I am the type who get nervous immensely. Yet, the overture of Kalafina’s song is long so I think Kalafina’s atmosphere was born from it. Again, I feel that the strength of the tune is so amazing. Because of starting singing through embracing coined words, perhaps from that sort of part firmly drawn into Kalafina’s world. Although (Yuki) Kajiura-san isn’t on stage, we feel that she also supports us.

Keiko: Because each of our songs consist of essential factors, we believe that the second it started, its shape of music is assuredly recognized. Moreover, by listening to the interlude, it’s like we are also pulled into that world. We discovered a lot of things through lives.


―When Kalafina was started, although you weren’t really meant to perform live, with the experience from waves of live-rush from last year to this year, we believe your awareness regarding live must have changed. Please tell us your thoughts on what “LIVE” is.

Keiko: (Honestly) speaking, at the beginning (of Kalafina), we were really thinking “I wonder how we should sing it in live” (laughs). When we saw the coined word from the (written) music we received for live-use, we had a feeling like “Are we really going to sing this?” (everyone laughs).

Wakana: We did, we did (laughs).

Keiko: Such feeling was there when I practiced on my own, but when three of us joined together, we could see, such as “Don’t produce the feeling like in the CD!” We immensely feel the necessary of every one of us when we’re doing Kalafina songs in live. “We want to be a unit that is good in lives,” so we thought. We want to give impression we are artists who are capable singing not only in CD, but also in lives.

Hikaru: In my case, I wonder if it (live) appears to be a place where you come and is prepared to sing. Although singing by myself feels very good, in the end it easily becomes self-satisfaction. When all three of us are singing, where self-assertion is drawn, with the balance, as I am thinking of various things, I’m able to sing. It’s not just a mere good feelings, I also like being able to pull out a lot of emotion that’s welling inside me. Moreover, with the guests existing before my eyes, the feelings are doubled. It feels like “Ah, Hikaru exists now…” The times when I was standing on the stage is the happiest (for me). Every time I’m on stage, as I have to  put away and shake off my happiness meter, such “Crap, I have to keep calm!… But I’m so happy~!” complication is unfold (laughs).

―(laughs) What about Wakana?

Wakana: From a guest’s point-of-view, I believe the mood for the event is like going to amusement park. Things like “I wonder what will happen today”, “I wonder what song will be sung”, “I wonder what kind of costume (will be worn)”, thinking that a lot of people look forward to it, I (personally) want it to be a special day, too. Although my aspiration is “being a person who can do lives everday”, no matter what kind of live it is, or (if there are) lives everyday, there will be no such thing as “growing accustomed to” because I guess everyday is special. Using such method, I can endure the nervousness in me, I believe it’s a very important thing. Even now I’m saying to myself “Live is coming soon, isn’t it” so it’s as if I’m grasping my heart tightly. Together with the guests, staffs and (every) members, we produce the live, nothing but that occasion can give birth to such session, nevertheless we carry such splendid session on our shoulder every time, I believe it’s good if it becomes a special day.


―Last, please express your enthusiasm for LisAni! LIVE 2010!!

Keiko: for Kalafina, it’s the final live of 2010. Very simply, I want to consider it as the final live of this year. Thus, I want more than just feeling good!

Hikaru: This time, I don’t care if my happiness aura is coming out, too (laughs)! I will give my best to reach my target of making everyone enjoy themselves, to the point of trying to put away and shake off their happiness meter.

Wakana: Christmas is near, to be able to gather with a large number of guests who are hurried-by-the twelfth-month, I want to believe this live to become like “This year, we enjoy the whole year, too”. And then on that day’s dream, if we manage to slip into people(‘s mind) and leave impressions, we will be glad (laughs). Certainly, please look forward to it!

Interview & Text: Akihiro Tomita


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