Kalafina’s appearance in MTV Taiwan

Their 2nd visit for the same show, of course.

Rough translation because my Mandarin sucks (can only hear, not read) and my Japanese… even worse. 8D

Calvin = the host, a member of Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit.
[] = my comment

Calvin: Everybody welcome Kalafina!!

Kalafina: 大家好 我们是Kalafina

Wakana: 我是Wakana

Keiko: 我是Keiko


Calvin: 我是Calvin (everybody laugh), Wakana Keiko Hikaru welcome.

Kalafina: Nice to meet you.

Calvin: The last time you visited Taiwan was also for holding a concert. Do you have any special impression toward the Taiwanese fans, Taiwanese food or Taiwan?

Keiko: This time we visited the night market for the first time and we ate some shaved ice. The weather was very cold but it (the shaved ice) was really delicious. We ate a lot.

Calvin: Then, Which night market did you visit? Did you buy anything there? (brief pause) Shilin ??

(Keiko nods vigorously)

Calvin: It’s near my house. (crews laugh) Did you eat the soft fluffy Xue Hua Bing (雪花冰)?

Keiko: (nods) Yes, Milk and Chocolate.

Calvin: Mango? Strawberry? Chocolate?

Keiko: Chocolate.

Calvin: Oh. My favorite (is) strawberry. [He did say it like this]

Keiko/Wakana: Ahh.

wakana: It must be delicious.

Keiko: Must try it next time.

Calvin: There’s a feeling of HAPPINESS after you eat it. (Kalafina laughs)

Wakana: Happiness, isn’t it. (mimicking Calvin)

Calvin: Actually I’m also part of a group. (explains to Kalafina) Fahrenheit… Fahrenheit… 4 people… Fahrenheit 1 2 3 4 people. I’m also part of a group and I also like singing so I want to sing a bit and then ask if you (Kalafina) can teach me singing in harmony. (Kalafina smiles)

Keiko: Eh? OK.

Wakana: [I have no idea what she said] Oh, he’s going to let us hear his song?

(Calvin sings, something from Fahrenheit’s Japan debut. Keiko and wakana clap hands)

Wakana: GREAT.

Keiko: WOW!

Calvin: This song was our Japan debut single.

Wakana: It was a very nice song just now and, moreover, it’s in Japanese, really great. When the three of us singing, the harmony makes the people coming feel happy and such thing is a very precious thing to us. That’s why we really treasure every sound one-by-one. [I don’t really get this part] When the three of us sing, the harmony is a sound that makes the people who are listening feel happy and personally for us, it’s a very precious thing. That’s why we really treasure each of our sound

Keiko: [Sorry can’t comprehend this part] You really listen to them, don’t you? To the others while you’re singing. While listening to the other two (Wakana and Hikaru) sing, and when I sing (to harmonize with them), that part where the voices flow together are important.

Calvin: (bow) Thank you. Arigatou gozaimasu. HAZUKASHII (covers up face) [Hazukashii means Embarrassing 8D] (Kalafina laughs)

Calvin: I’ve heard you singing and I feel that your voices are so tender, letting me have this happiness feeling [again? lol. insert Keiko being shy here 8D]

Wakana: Calvin also has a beautiful and sweet voice. [insert keiko remarks here and there]

Calvin: Thanks, how embarrasing (covers up face) [AGAIN?? 8D] (Kalafina laughs and Keiko (or maybe Wakana) said “OKASHII” [Okashii means weird])

Calvin: Now I want to ask, what do you do in your private time?

Wakana: Ah, due to our work, we have a lot of time together. However our personal lives are very different. For me, I like going out to play. Recently I like riding bycicle, also like riding bus (smiles). Everyone is different. How ’bout Kei(ko)?

Keiko: I do Yoga (does a yoga gesture, wakana laughs).

Calvin: Yoga?!

Keiko: Yoga.

Calvin: Ohh I can do that, too. (imitating Keiko’s gesture, Kalafina laughs 8D)

Calvin: Then Hikaru?

Hikaru: For most of time, Hikaru sleeps.

Calvin: Really, sometimes when I’m really tired I fall asleep really fast.

Hikaru: We’re the same, then.

Calvin: (snores) ZZZzzz..

Wakana: We’re all the same.

Calvin: (smiles) just kidding, just kidding. (Wakana & Keiko laughs)

Hikaru: (snapped) Hikaru isn’t kidding!!!! (laughs, gets hugged by Keiko and calmed down by laughing Wakana) [The passing sentence means “I REALLY LIKE SLEEPING” 8D and… SNAPPED HIKARU IS REALLY MOE 8D *is shot*]

Keiko: Hikaru is serious (laughs)

calvin: (asks the interpreter) What did she say? (heard the translation) I’m serious, too!!! If I could sleep 8-hour a day I would be very happy.

Kalafina: OOOhhh (nods)

Calvin: Have you ever seen China’s giant panda?

Kalafina: not yet (shakes their heads)

Calvin: Then you can see Taiwan’s panda now (points at himself, Kalafina laughs) because I don’t sleep so much.

Wakana: (laughs and bows) Otsukaresama desu!!!

Calvin: Nothing, nothing, It’s okay, it’s okay. I LOVE MY JOB (acts cool 8D) DAISUKI. (Kalafina laughs)

Calvin: Now I want to know if you have any plan for next year.

Keiko: We’re going to have our next single release on february, please wait for our new music again and enjoy.

Calvin: Okay, we have to thank them for coming and holding a concert here. Hope they can visit Taiwan again and get to meet the fans more. Furthermore, Taiwan has so many cuisines, hope they can try eating more. (Keiko nods happily)

Wakana: Yes.

Calvin: And then as the representatives we [Calvin as Fahrenheit] have to tell them “WELCOME TO TAIWAN” (Kalafina smiles)

[Their interpreter tells them about Fahrenheit’s picture for Taiwan’s promotion] (Kalafina girls are surprised)

Calvin: You can see it at the airport. (Keiko explains to Wakana)

Wakana: Ah, We saw it at the airport!! We took photos of it!!

[insert Wakana posing here 8D]

Wakana: COOL !!!! WE DID ITTT.

[insert surprised expression here]

Wakana: I took a photo of it!! [again lol. A very happy Wakana 8D]

Keiko: I’m surprised !!!


Kalafina: THANK YOU~~


Complete translation now, thanks to Keiri-chan. I owe you, dear. ❤


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