My Favorite tunes: February Edition

So many releases on February 2011. Not that I’ve checked all of them but here I present my favorites in no particular order.

Buono! – 雑草のうた (Zassou no Uta)

I’m surprised that I’ve come to be into Buono! so quick, within less than one month lol. All thanks to my cousin who happens to collect their mp3s and Chris who keeps bugging me with them after knowing that I started listening to these girls. Of course, what makes me loving this single is the catchy tunes. Not only that, it’s amazing to see Airi, Miya and Momo keep on improving their vocal and performance. Sorta sad to see Buono! is one of the rather underrated idol and gets less attention despite of their solid performance.

茅原実里 – Defection

I’ve never been seriously into Minorin, with all honesty. Her voice tends to be very nasal and squeaky for most time, fine example is KEY FOR LIFE, ugh. Defection, however, is a great example of how Minorin should make use of her voice. Still squeaky sometimes, but no attempt to be cute. Defection is like mix of Final Moratorium from Sing All Love and Paradise Lost, which songs I happen to like the most from her. Strong, fast-paced song. She definitely should sing more songs like this.

堀江由衣 – インモラリスト (IMMORALIST)

I didn’t watch its anime tie-up Dragon Crisis nor following Yui Horie’s releases, thus I wasn’t interested in this song before reading my twitter friends’ thoughts on this song. As I decided to try it and heard it… F**KING AWESOME. IMMORALIST is not only catchy, but also unique. Hocchan, what a great single after a while.

倖田來未 – POP DIVA

I rarely follow Koda Kumi’s release honestly. Lately, however, I’ve been listening to her more than Ayumi Hamasaki, whom I used to like the most. While I have to be honest about POP DIVA still can’t beat TABOO for my most favorite song from Kuu, I certainly like POP DIVA.

川田まみ – See visionS

Should I say more? Mami’s release after LINKAGE has been nothing but GOLD. No buts! was great. See visionS, while it’s not on the same level as No buts! imho, is a very solid single. See visionS is nice combination of Maiko Iuchi’s speciality: techno+strings+guitar riff. A bit downside on the boring PV, though, hahah. *is bricked*

Kalafina – Magia

OF COURSE I LOVE Magia MWAHAHAHA. *is whacked* I won’t say anything more about how much I love Magia since I already had it reviewed on previous post.

FictionJunction – Gatherway

I have to include it. I have to. Even if it’s just a cover of a song from two decades ago. IT MARKED KAORI’S COMEBACK YAY. It’s been a long time since we got to hear Kaori’s voice in a release. Her voice has become stronger and deeper than ever. Not forgetting the other girls namely Keiko, Wakana and Yuriko Kaida, they provided a great harmony as background vocal. Sorta lack of Wakana until I heard her heavenly voice when entering the bridge. I was simply stunned. We definitely need more from FictionJunction. No doubt.


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