Talking about birthday…

A very belated birthday blog post for myself, indeed. Not that I usually celebrate it and receive birthday presents either way, haha.

Tadaa~~!! Magia Limited Edition plus postcard type-D

Might probably be my best birthday present ever… coming from myself. *facepalm* Actually, it had arrived weeks ago but I only retrieved it from my aunt (I sent it there for some convenient reason) on March 5 (1 day before my birthday). I did wish it to be arrived or retrieved near my birthday but I’d never thought it would become reality lol.

And yeah, talking about birthday. To me, birthday celebrated every year means celebrating the decreasing time of your life. Indeed, it adds number to your age, but at the same time, your time in this earth has also been lessened. Who knows what will happen tomorrow… 😀

PS. Time to save some money and plan a runaway-from-home-and-go-to-Japan lol. 8D *is whacked*

PS #2. Thanks to those who have greeted me with birthday message on facebook, twitter and plurk and forums… anywhere. I’ll appreciate it more if you send me 1 US Dollar each next year HAHAHAHAHA. *is massively bricked* Okay, that’s J/K.


2 Responses to “Talking about birthday…”

  1. March 17, 2011 at 12:18 AM

    An extremely late wish from me (having been caught up with all the recent news) but nonetheless… Happy Belated Birthday, Yuki-chan! :3

    Hope you got to enjoy your thighs and legs on a big TV screen mwahaha. (´▽`)

  2. March 17, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    Haha thanks Keiri-chan…. but for such thing to happen after I wrote this post… It feels like I knew it was coming *headdesk*

    And… meh, I don’t have big TV screen for now so I can’t enjoy in on the TV for now *grumbles*

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