AKB Ranker

Cuz I’m so bored and I’ve been into AKB48 for these few months without any particular ranking XD

The application used: http://akbranker.ooo48.net/

Starting from the Top 3:

1. Yuka Masuda (増田有華)

This one is pretty much correct. Too bad it didn’t show “Yuka vs Yuko” or I’ll have hard time to decide. XD She’s one of AKB48’s best singer so you know my particular reason. Others are she tends to use her Osaka-ben (I love hearing Osaka-ben XD) and… Yuppai. 8D *is slapped*

2. Yuko Oshima (大島優子)

Oh yeah, who doesn’t like this cute and crazy little squirrel ossan idol actress Yuuko? XD

3. Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ)

My one wish if I get to meet her one day is…. I want to pat her head. Because she’s Super-Deformed! 8D *is slapped*

The rest are:
4. Sayaka Akimoto
5. Sae Miyazawa
5. Minami Minegishi
5. Tomomi Itano
8. Atsuko Maeda
8. Misaki Iwasa
10. Rino Sasshihara
10. Shizuka Oya
10. Moeno Nito
13. Sakiko Matsui
13. Natsumi Matsubara
13. Mika Komori
13. Haruna Kojima
13. Rie Kitahara
18. Mariko Shinoda
18. Yuki Kashiwagi
18. Tomomi Kasai
21. Ayaka Umeda
22. Mayu Watanabe
22. Miku Tanabe
22. Sumire Sato
22. Natsuki Sato
22. Amina Sato
22. Erena Ono
22. Miho Miyazaki
22. Ami Maeda
22. Asuka Kuramochi
22. Kana Kobayashi
22. Ayaka Kikuchi
22. Haruka Katayama
22. Haruka Ishida
22. Natsumi Hirajima
22. Reina Fujie
22. Rina Chikano
38. Rumi Yonezawa
38. Mariya Suzuki
38. Manami Oku
38. Aika Ota
38. Misaka Nonaka
38. Sayaka Nakaya
38. Tomomi Nakatsuka
38. Chisato Nakata
38. Haruka Nakagawa

I’ll be honest, I still need more time to know the girls ranks lower than 22 so I didn’t really pick any of them. On the other side, Top 7 is close to my personal preference. Some of my favorite rank lower than I thought, though, such as Haruna Kojima and Mariko Shinoda. Oh well. XD


1 Response to “AKB Ranker”

  1. December 13, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    I’ve tried auntie 😀
    Number 1 of course, my beloved Harunyan ❤ ❤
    but, number 2 and 3…
    Sayaka and Sae…

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