JPop concert by JPop Fest: AKB48xJKT48 1st Jakarta concert at Balai Kartini

So I finally got the chance to see a concert! Not to mention that my kamioshi, Masuda Yuka, came, too. I’m so touched ;_;

The ticket and the lightstick.... after the concert XD

I went to the concert with my cousin and met up with my college friends at the venue. I arrived at the venue on about 2:45PM and the queue was already quite long. Heard there were people queuing from 10AM @_@;

This wasn't even half of the queue lol srsly

Gate was opened at about 5PM, much later than schedule. No foods and beverages were allowed to the hall. To my disapppointment, no merchandises sold…. well, not even beverages were sold. Considering how much we were going to chant, this was a bit too much. However, it was very kind of the committee to give free lightsticks. I heard that those at A class didn’t get it, though.

I originally got yellow but I exchanged with my cousin so I had blue 8D

Anyway, below is inside the hall and view of the stage from my seat at B class:

The stage from my seating position... so far ;_;

Thank God for the large screen cuz it was like... 100-150m from stage?

Before it began, the large screens played the PV of Flying Get, Kaze wa Fuiteiru, Ue Kara Mariko and Heavy Rotation (JKT version) respectively on loop. My friend and I went to toilet during the break and were amused by the reality: queue on female toilet was so long when male toilet had no queue at all. Wasn’t it usually being reversed? XD

See the queue? Amusing XD

The opening ceremony was started on 6:30PM with some words from the ambassador of Japan for Indonesia, Yoshinori Katori, and the Indonesian minister of tourism and creative economy, Mari E. Pangestu. Oh hai, A K empat delapan.

Then there was a break until 7PM and finally….. A-K-B…. J-K-T…. Forty Eight!!!!! WOW!!


  1. Overture (AKBxJKT48 version)
  2. Flying Get (Aamin center)
  3. Everyday, Kachuusha
  4. Iiwake Maybe
  5. MC (AKB48 introduction)
  6. JKT48 – Kimi no koto ga suki dakara Indonesia version
  7. MC (JKT48 introduction)
  8. Bird (Takamina, Reinyan, Abe Maria)
  9. Heart Gata Virus (Suuchan, Aamin, Ranran)
  10. Kiseki wa Maniawanai (Sae, Ricchan, Moeno)
  11. Itoshiki Natasha (Sasshii, Haachan, Shiichan)
  12. Himawari (Yuka, Nattsun, Harugon, Amina)
  13. MC (AKB48: Takamina, Sasshii, Sae, JKT48: Melody, Cleo, Shania)
  14. Kaze wa Fuiteiru
  15. RIVER
  16. Beginner
  17. MC
  18. Ponytail to shushu (Moeno center)



  1. Aitakatta
  2. MC
  3. Heavy Rotation (Sasshii center)

Back row seating was certainly awful and kinda annoying since I could barely see the stage with all people standing. In addition to that, those Japanese men in front of me were actually filming it. DUDE GIVE ME YOUR PLACE INSTEAD D: Good thing there were those large screens so at least I got to see some close-up shots. :3 The audiences were really in high tension and mix was almost non-stop. As for me, aside from mix, I spent most time shouting for Yuka’s name ranging from Yuka, Yuttan, Masuda Yuka, even Yuppai w xD I went all-out fangirling so I hope people around me weren’t annoyed. Sorry XD *is massively bricked*

Onto the 1st MC, they did the introduction partly in Indonesian. Format was like theater’s introduction MC so I expected stage songs directly after the MC but no. Before getting to the stage songs, however, we had the 1st overseas sister group of AKB, JKT48 performing their latest song, which is the Indonesian version of Kimi no koto ga suki dakara. I took a seat at this point because I was sorta wore off haha. Gotta say that from what I could see, they performed much better than usual. Well-motivated by AKB girls, perhaps? Of course after the performance, they introduced themselves using their catchphrases. Gotta say it was a bit rushed, probably lack of time?

After JKT girls excused themselves from the stage…. I saw a glimpse of white wings and….. omg! Bird! While I’m still not sure if it was sung live or not, it was pretty awesome and I personally think it was different from the usual ;3 following Bird, we had another sing with mic stand. It’s Heart Gata Virus! I was kinda disappointed to see both Suuchan and Ranran had been used so early, which meant no more Blue Rose xD I wanted to witness Yuka wearing that sexy blue rose costume ;_; Meanwhile, Sae managed to grab the fangirls’ hearts by being real ikemen lololol. Onto Itoshiki Natasha.. omg srsly, I couldn’t see anyone but Haachan on stage. Her stage presence was really huge, so sorry for Sasshii and Shiichan. :3 And ofc this stage song performance was closed with a shuffled Himawari, which could only mean… finally… YUKA. ALSDJLASDJLAKSHDLAKJLDHAKSLDJLAKNXLKAHLDKAKSD. Y U SHO PWETTY AND SOUNDED GREAT TOO ;A;

Moving on to the joint MC, they talked about culture. Well, pretty much expected. This was event held for cultural-exchange after all. :3 I won’t go explaining more as you can read that in other blogs or news. 8D *is shot* My note was that Cleo sure made use of her PR skill well. And LOL at sasshii and her ‘memancing’ (Indonesian word for ‘fishing’) gag. After the cultural exchange talk ended, Takamina continued with the talk for Japan Earthquake and thanking Indonesian for supporting Japan during the disaster. You know what was coming after all those talk, Kaze wa Fuiteiru, and not forgetting the anthem to move on and giving spirits, RIVER and Beginner. When it was said that it was going to be last song (usual tease, though, lol), I could hear some ‘EHHH??’ from the audience… well I did, too. XD

So they ended it with Ponytail to Shushu, but it wasn’t over yet!!! The girls went into the backstage and…. not even a minute when some people who were rather impatient shouted for encore. Heard that there was supposed to be 2-3 minutes time for waiting before shouting for encore. The encore shout was pretty cool, though. One called for ‘AKB’ or ‘JKT’, others for ’48’. I purposedly slipped ‘SKE’ and ‘NMB’ though lolol 8D

AND HECK YEAHHH, YOU KNOW IT WAS COMING. The collaboration between AKB and JKT. And an AKB concert will never be completed without this song: Aitakatta. Aitakatta~ Aitakatta~ Aitakatta~ YES!! Kimi ni~ XD Everyone was jumping like nuts on this point, knowing the next song would be the real last song of the concert. On the short MC… omg, I know it weren’t meant for me but the flying kiss Yuka sent just seemed as if it was for me, kyaa kyaa. I WANT MORE XD~ *is whacked on the head* As for the final song, you know it already. Heavy Rotation. The stage was really crowded and the crowd was pumped out at maximum for the final song so it was really…. exciting. I still couldn’t see the stage, though. :V As the song ended, everyone was waving good-bye… and most of the audiences just couldn’t leave the hall. I knew that feeling, all of us wanted more. ;_;

Some last words regarding the concert, it was really a blast. I know for those who had ever watched AKB concert before this might think that it was not as good as other concerts they had seen, but for those 1st timers like me, I was really excited and glad that I decided to go and watch it. It was my first experience of watching a concert and I will never regret it. I gained a lot of experience from it, having fun at the concert, cheering, screaming my lungs out, meeting my online buddies, seeing my own oshimen. Those are feelings I will never ever forget. My tears flew out after I went out of the hall because I didn’t wanna leave. I wanted to stay. I haven’t even gotten to met Yuka directly ;_;

Ps. a bit bonus, I dropped a letter (and a certain something else) for Yuka to read. Hopefully it will get to her.

Errr, ignore the mini-hearts, please. (#/_#)


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