Is Kalafina turning into an idol group?

Kalafina latest promo pic

I’ve been wanting to write about this but lost interest so many times. My fire for the topic sparked again when I was checking Idolminded.com’s Recommended Reading here and found Kalafina’s article being featured. Idolminded.com, used to be intlwota, is quite popular in idol-blogging sphere. They do feature some non-idol artists, sometimes, but not so often.

Anyway, back to the topic. Why do I even consider this idea? Simple, here’s the list of my reasons:

They don’t produce their own music

Kalafina’s producer, Kajiura Yuki

All thanks to Kajiura for this part. I shall not explain how idols don’t usually write their own music but some of them is capable of doing so if they have the chance.

Trains of releases in short time

Try compare the release interval of Kalafina and…. let’s just say, AKB48 when they only started. Not much different, eh?

Idols are branching out to other music genre


Take a look a BABYMETAL, for example. They’re doing heavy metal, as the name suggest. And then, the gigantic idol group AKB48 did a choir song back then in 2010 (Sakura no Shiori, beautiful song), as well as a lot of non-idol sounding songs. The band SCANDAL is idol to an extend. And they rock. There is also RHYMEBERRY, the hip-hop rap idol. Therefore, if anyone wants to argue with me saying “BUT THEIR MUSIC IS NOT IDOL”, I can just answer with a “So?”

Photobooks and other merchandising

This is so… fanservice-y.

Musical acts don’t need so many of photobooks release. Please. And… no, I’m not interested in buying salad bowl with Kalafina’s name printed on it. Definitely no. Oh, and those menus in Kalafina cafe… chosen by the girls themselves? Reminds me of AKB48 Cafe, lol. Yukirin’s Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich, anyone?


Yes, lol, Kalafina even has a choreographer, whom everyone agree should be fired for giving Kalafina ridiculous dance in almost every single song. I understand that it might be boring for the visual aesthetic but most people who want to go to Kalafina live only want to listen to them singing, not dancing, lol. I gotta say, though, Hikaru seems to got a talent in sultry dance and Keiko in hip-hop dance, maybe. Wakana…… just being Wakana. 8D *is whacked*



No kidding, their skirts are getting shorter each day. I mean the live ones. I don’t want to see some ‘skirt, hirari‘ accident from the girls. Oh, Hikaru is okay because she has nice legs 8’D *is shot*



Well everyone does blogging these days, including Kalafina. And through blogging, we can see the difference in their personality…. oh wait, do we need to know this from a non-idol group? I thought that only idols using their personality as SELLING POINT.

The low consistency in singing

I know I probably have a way too low standards for idols but I do raise the bar higher if they have potentials (i.e. Masuda Yuka and Sato Natsuki, former AKB48 members). I used to set a really high standards for Kalafina but then they sort of betrayed my expectation with the recurring inconsistency in every unedited live performance. It is understandable that Kajiura’s songs tend to be hard to sing but they’re marketed as VOCAL UNIT so things like inconsistency is not tolerable.


Who thinks these cover arts reek of Kalafina style?

Who thinks these cover arts reek of Kalafina style?

I know most people will not agree with this post I wrote wholeheartedly (‘you must be joking, D’) but this what I’m feeling toward the girls these days. As my pal Winter said, the line between ‘artist’ and ‘idol’ has become blurrier than before thanks to AKB48. To me, Kalafina has turned into an idol group disguised in Kajiura’s songs and not-so-super-anymore vocals.


21 Responses to “Is Kalafina turning into an idol group?”

  1. January 26, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    Feels like the only answer that relevant to this post is a question similar to that:

    “Isn’t it obvious (already)?” *hi5*

    *runs away*

  2. 2 Kotake
    January 26, 2013 at 2:00 AM

    Definitely $ONY is trying to shap Kalafina as an idol group by distributing photo albums and calenders etc goods.

    However, I don’t really think that only people writing songs could be called “producing music”. “Music” is a reaction between the melody, the lyrics and the voice. By expressing their views / feelings towards music through their voice is a kind of their own music, I guess. That’s why they are “Kalafina” as one but not divided into individuals.

    Also for the inconsistency part, to me is fine, at least the two lives I have attended before is acceptable. For live on Niconico, the problem is not caused on their own but also the sound system and voice reception equipment there. Unless it is a live show acting in front of me, I guess most probably that’s a problem of money rather than performance.

  3. January 26, 2013 at 5:45 AM

    Hello Mysterious Blogger~ I’m the writer from “Konno’s Story” – the one that was featured on Idolminded’s page that day – I wrote about their 2009-2012 selection live and history essentially. I’m glad to meet another Kalafina fan – so scarce to meet these days. I’m quite glad you wrote about this because I’ve become a little too hesitant to write about how Kalafina is more J-pop rather than a vocal-unit (artists). I put them in the J-pop category for these reasons technically, but like I said, I’m glad you wrote this. I feel like Kalafina fan’s are rather obsessive and in denial when anyone calls them a J-pop group. Their music isn’t “pop”, but everything else about them exudes Idol-esque rather than aritst-esque. On a random funny note: you planning to buy their 5th anniversary book that they just released? haha~~~ It’s filled with lots of pictures and fun moments about their 5 years LOL~~~


    That live that you posted, I heard that Wakana was sick that day. Maybe that’s why her voice wasn’t up to par like usual. I personally thought she still sounded amazing – then again I have no talent in singing haha~

  4. January 26, 2013 at 3:35 PM

    @Chris: *hi5* 8D

    @Kotake: Thx for the comment! I envy you for having the chance to watch them live XD;

    @konno-san: Hello! I read your blog from time to time! And no, I won’t buy any photobooks from Kalafina anymore. I’ve spent THIS MUCH and this is not the latest one either XD

  5. 5 win
    January 27, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Oh man, your collection XD. They’re releasing so many music items as it is, let alone photobooks, magazine features, and merchandise. I’m glad I never got into buying those things.

    “To me, Kalafina has turned into an idol group disguised in Kajiura’s songs and not-so-super-anymore vocals.”

    This. I’m still on the fence about Kalafina’s idol status, but thinking of them more as an idol group rather than a professional vocal unit makes it easier for me to accept their performances.

    By the way, what would you consider FictionJunction and FJ Club to be?

  6. 6 Alli
    January 28, 2013 at 9:09 AM

    I agree with you & I don’t like the direction Kalafina is going in. Their music quality has been fading on me lately too :/ I can’t deny I still love them though

  7. February 6, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    So I decided to extend more of my comment (albeit still short, I know):

    @Kotake: Well, there is difference between attending lives and watching lives over a video. The tension built when we attend a live tends to make us ignore the vocal quality. I’m not sure how it works with Kalafina live since I’ve yet to attend any, though, but possibly not much different.

    @Konno-san: I’ve followed them since 2009 and recently I realized the way I fangirl over them was kind of similar to how I fangirl to the 48 franchise these days, albeit with more critical thinking on the music part. With how Sony market the girls and them merchandises, I started wondering about this topic for a while and finally wrote it here.
    Onto Wakana’s sickness, this is what I’m really concerned. It seems kinda of chronic and perhaps she needs some medical check-up but I’m kinda sure with their popularity rising even more, they won’t have time for that.

    @win: I actually agree with what you said there. If an amateur can sing better than them, what left from them as a professional vocal unit?

    FictionJunction could’ve been better if Kajiura doesn’t exert Wakana so much. I mean, she has Yuriko Kaida who’s better consistency and more experience. AND EVEN WIDER RANGE OF VOCAL. Their voices sometimes don’t blend too well, though so I really wonder why Kajiura isn’t bothered by that.

    FJC? Additional Money. Period. *is shot*

    @Alli: Certainly the reason why I’m slowly turning into a mere casual fans. Kajiura probably too busy with too many projects to be creative. And blame (ku)Sony for the rush of releases that both Kajiura and the girls are lack of resting time.

  8. 8 Sophie
    February 7, 2013 at 4:27 AM

    Very good points are raised but I have to disagree on a couple parts:
    “As my pal Winter said, the line between ‘artist’ and ‘idol’ has become blurrier than before thanks to AKB48. To me, Kalafina has turned into an idol group disguised in Kajiura’s songs and not-so-super-anymore vocals.”
    AKB48 is clearly idol, no one in their right minds would assert they are artists, they’re simply puppets, so I don’t know what you mean by the line has become blurry. What they’re doing is nothing new. Morning Musume also had some rock songs and jazz songs (Mr Moonlight is not an idol-ish song), yet they’re clearly idol. I’ll touch more on this a little more down.

    To me, this is the primary trait of a musical idol:
    1) They’re hired for their cute/attractive personalities/looks, to be pure and innocent young girls to be drooled over and complete people’s fantasies, and the primary focus of their existence in whatever project is for this reason.

    This fits the description of Morning Musume, AKB48, etc. perfectly.

    So let me ask this question: if all the girls of Kalafina were ugly, would they still be the same group? My answer: probably. Wakana and Hikaru aren’t, IMO, fitting the idol image. Hikaru didn’t win her auditions because of her beauty IMO (sorry Hikaru, still love you!). But they are somewhat good-looking, so yes, Sony will milk that for all its worth.

    And because of this, the others usually, but not always, follow. Most of these were touched on:
    2) Do not write their own songs or lyrics
    3) Abysmal vocals leading you to ask about their questionable amount of musical talent
    4) Primarily generic music. Yes, this includes AKB48 and Morning Musume, since their music is mostly generic, with a few exceptions.
    5) Obscene amount of merchandise/collector’s items, especially photobooks or DVD’s
    6) Young: early teens to early 20’s
    7) Primarily releases singles in short intervals, occasionally albums that don’t sell all that well.

    Kalafina only fits #2, and to a lesser extent #5. However #5 is also true for other non-idol acts, like YUKI and Ayumi Hamasaki. Any popular act has a lot of merchandise, it’s an easy ploy for the company to make money. #2 is the biggest flag for an idol group IMO, so I can understand why some may say Kalafina is an idol group.

    In fact, one could call Kajiura the new “Tsnuku”, but I think there is a big difference. Kajiura’s music is an art, Tsunku’s is not, AKB’s is not. Another big thing is that there are a lot of people who dislike idols and their music but love Kalafina. For that reason, I don’t think you can label Kalafina as idols, IMO they’re artists, but I respect and understand your opinion! I think the next couple years will really show what kind of group Kalafina is. They’re still rather young.

  9. February 7, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    First of all, Sophie, thanks for the visit to this practically-abandoned-and-updated-on-my-wimp blog *is shot*

    I’ve been wondering if there is any idol without any gravure (bikinis) photoshoots. MomoCloZ and TGS come to mind but I’m not too sure either. If there’s anything that can separate Kalafina from idols, this is the point.
    Kalafina not a puppet? I’m not so sure. They do have a word on their outfit and how they sing, but they’re still controlled by Kajiura as their producer, and to further extend, Sony Music as their record label and Space Craft Entertainment as their agency. This is related to point #5 btw, which I understand very well (Ayumi Hamasaki and her tea-set and even tea bags in a merchandise package lol).

    As for the 3rd point there, I’m pretty sure I mentioned about how I raise my bar for those idols I think capable of producing decent quality singing (the two I mentioned aren’t idols anymore, either way). From H!P, the likes of Sugaya Risako of Berryz Koubou comes to mind.

    Point #4, I won’t argue. No comment. See above.

    Point #6, Shinoda Mariko of AKB48 isn’t younger than Hikaru, as far as I know.

    Point #7, please compare Kalafina’s release interval to other musical acts that you consider as artist.

    And then: IMAGE. Their main image is gothic-lolita fashion. I still remember the girls mentioned in an interview few years ago that they are not idol group. Yet, they have photoshoots on fashion magazine KERA few times, in which usually there are idols and/or visual kei bands.

    As for what you said about Kalafina’s, or better words: Kajiura’s music being art. Think again. These days, music is an industry, regardless of what you said. The repetitive composition is a result of the rush of releases and Kajiura+the girls lacking time to rest and relax IMO.

    Last-but-not-least, Kalafina is entering their 6th year. You sure they’re still a young group?

  10. 10 Sophie
    February 8, 2013 at 12:40 PM

    Let me comment on some very good points you made:

    Idols without gravure photos: from MomoCloz, Sasaki Ayaka does, but some of the girls don’t. Tokyo Girls’ Style has a photobook, but I haven’t seen it and don’t think it’s gravure, but it does say it was taken on “date day” or something like that, so there are implications there

    Kalafina being a puppet: depending on what way, yes, they are puppets. They probably have very little input in Kalafina itself. However, how Kotake described it was perfect. They have fantastic voices and they truly use them like finely tuned instruments, and Kajiura knows this and takes advantage of this. They’re a natural fit for music, which most idols aren’t. I guess the best way to put this: think of opera singers, or broadway singers. Clearly they’re very talented musically, but the part was already created for them, they had no input. This is how I see Kalafina and how they are different from idols. For music, idols are there to entertain, which MM and AKB do a superb job at. However, it’s not really artistic music, it’s music for fun.

    Definitely agree with your point about the costumes and image.

    Kalafina being a young group: hmm yes, they’re pretty old, but that’s only if you consider them an idol group. Most idol groups don’t last forever, or continually rotate members to last forever (Morning Musume). Hopefully, like many artists, they have a long career ahead of them. But that actually really depends on Kajiura…

    And I LOVE that you mentioned Ayumi’s tea bags! Those things were ridiculous. Quick point I’d like to make, all idols are products, not all products are idols. Ayu is not an idol, though she definitely is a product. Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, etc. also not idols, but they are products (just what exactly is a driving hits album, and why does Koda Kumi have FIVE?).

    There are definitely exceptions to my rule, like I forewarned. There are definitely some idols that have fantastic singing voices, for example I like Takahashi Ai’s voice from Morning Musume (love her Haru Yo, Koi cover!). There are a couple from AKB and SKE that are great singers. But again, most are average. For age for idols there are definitely exceptions too. But compare the average age to AKB48, Morning Musume, C-ute, and I think you’ll find there’s like a 6-7 year difference. Most idols are in early teens to early twenties, but not all.

    So as you requested, let me list some other female artists I consider artist’s “release interval since 2008” (when Kalafina formed, for comparison):
    Kalafina: 12 singles, 3/4 studio albums, 2 other albums
    YUI: 11 singles, 3 studio albums, 4 other albums (currently on hiatus)
    Superfly: 12 singles, 4 albums
    Ikimonogakari: 17 singles, 4 studio albums, 2 other albums
    Ayaka Hirahara: 17 singles, 5 studio albums, 1 other album
    Maaya Sakamoto: 7 singles, 4 studio albums, 2 other albums

    Now for idol’s release interval:
    AKB48: 23 singles, 2 studio albums, 3 other albums (not including the endless stage albums)
    Morning Musume: 17 singles, 5 studio albums, 2 other albums
    Arashi: 20 singles, 4 studio albums, 2 other albums
    Passpo: 13 singles (since debuting in ’10), 2 albums
    C-ute: 18 singles, 6 studio albums, 2 other albums
    Berryz Kobo: 16 singles, 7 studio albums, 1 other album
    Idoling!!!: 18 singles, 4 studio albums
    Nakagawa Shoko: 12 singles, 10 studio albums, 1 other album

    Another big thing for idol’s is DVD’s. DVD release interval for Kalafina and idol groups since 08:
    Kalafina: 2
    Arashi: 8
    AKB48: 51 (!!!)
    SKE48: 11 (since debuting in late ’09)
    Morning Musume: 23
    Passpo: 7 (since debuting in mid ’10)
    C-ute: 26
    Berryz Kobo: 28
    Idoling!!!: 38
    Nakagawa Shoko: 9

    Kalafina’s release intervals fit more into the “artists” category.

    Also one last point I want to bring up: Nana Mizuki
    She acts like an idol in a lot of ways: she sang some super cute song with AKB48 at Kohaku (they all were great together) and just does all these super cute photoshoots. But she is not an idol IMO, despite also seeming like she is. Why? She has no gravure photos (that I know of, like Kalafina), she composes at least 1/2 songs per album and writes all the lyrics to her singles, has fantastic vocals (like Kalafina), plays a number of instruments, and even knows how to work the sound equipment and studio. See, this is the difference between Kalafina and Nana Mizuki and idols. Kalafina/Nana naturally belong with music, while with being idols, it’s something temporary and for fun. Some idols may actually become artists later on, and maybe use being an idol as a stepping-stone to getting in to the music-biz, but this isn’t the case for most idols. Most idols have short lived careers, and like you pointed out, Kalafina has been around for awhile and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere yet.

  11. February 9, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    tbh, I’m sleep-deprived as I type this so I apologize for whatever language I use here.

    It’s up to everyone whether they want to agree or disagree with my opinion. I made this article with serious intention, but as I went on with it, it became less and less serious, as you can read toward the end.

    However, one thing I’m always sure is what you refer as “fine tuned art” is not as fine as we think it is. I find myself rather upset with how much Wakana’s singing has changed, which might be caused by either sickness or change in techniques.

    I wrote this as a serious reminder to myself how I was first attracted to them by the music but then grew into more than just that, and recently reduced back to just music. It is probably just a part of my fandom cycle, though.

    On side note, I never consider AKB48 as pure artists, and Ayumi Hamasaki was considered as an idol back then. As for the point about being a product, how can you say Kalafina isn’t a product as well? They’re manufactured with certain image and selling point of being “female vocal group” (which make me roll my eyes whenever I listen to their inconsistency).

    End of words, I love the girls and their voice so much. They’re my inspiration to join a choir and practice more on my singing (Keiko is the reason why I love harmonizing) but they have to step up their game to live up to (people’s) expectation.

  12. 12 Kowz
    March 23, 2013 at 1:02 AM

    >They don’t produce their own music
    Kajiura created the band for Kara no Kyoukai. Now they exist to sing anime songs, composed by Kajiura, just like Saeko Chiba, FJYuuka See-Saw and FictionJunction.

    >Trains of releases in short time
    Sophie already said it.

    Those skirts are hardly short. And you’re only counting the live ones to try to make a point.

    You said it yourself, “Well everyone does blogging these days…”.

    I agree. Most of their choreography is unneeded and out of place.

    >Photobooks and other merchandising
    Most of their merchandise is pretty common. Posters, t-shirts, key chains, banners, etc. The salad bowl and bento are ridiculous, but luckily it only happened once.
    The first photobook, Kalafina Record, was a good idea. Pics, interviews, liner notes, what’s not to like? The second one, Kalafina 5th, was really unnecessary.

    >The low consistency in singing
    This is a good point, but not exclusive to idols (Maaya Sakamoto is always terrible, and she’s not idol). Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. (Their most recent one was good.)

    >And then: IMAGE. Their main image is gothic-lolita fashion.
    Having a specific image is not an idiol trait. And, from what I saw in Google images, neither Morning Musume nor AKB48 have a specific image.

    > Yet, they have photoshoots on fashion magazine KERA few times, in which usually there are idols and/or visual kei bands.
    “KERA Magazine is a popular Japanese punk fashion magazine. Originally known as KERAOUAC Magazine, the name has become synonymous in recent years with the rise in punk, Lolita, and gothic fashion trends in both Japan and international communities. ”

    I don’t agree that they’re idols, but I do believe that Sony is milking them for all they’re worth.

  13. 13 Daiima
    April 13, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    Well, I don’t know if my comments are relevant as I’m a fan of them, but I’ll try to explain my point of view for each chapter.

    – “They don’t produce their own music” -> yes, and so, what? how many singers in the World do write and compose their own music? not many, alas. And at least, the girls of Kalafina do what they know the best. Maybe they are not talented to writing ^^
    – “Trains of releases in short time” -> well, that’s quite true. But, should we regret that anime producers or television network appreciate the writing of Yuki Kajiura and the singing of Kalafina? They release what they are asked to.
    – “Idols are branching out to other music genre” -> why don’t you talk about Kalafina in this chapter?
    – “Photobooks and other merchandising” -> well, I agree too. A music band doesn’t need all this merchandising to exist. But if fans are willing, should Sony not answer to their demands? For me, I bought the two books, because they are full of great pictures, a poster because my room was a bit too empty and a calendar because… well, I needed one. ^^ But I won’t buy a bowl or a bento, as I don’t need them!
    – “Choregraphy” -> actually, I think they are more into expressing their own emotions rather than following a written choregraphy. They may have general directions, but when you see them live you can really feel that their moves are not artificial.
    – “Costumes” -> no, they don’t get shorter with time. Look at the jacket of their last release, Consolation, they wear long dresses.
    – “Blogging” -> that’s the fashion, they just follow it. But it’s not mandatory, that’s true.
    – “The low consistency in singing” -> are Kalafina meant to be robots? Should they just lipsync on stage? Who on Earth can sing a song dozens of time exactly the same way, with the same intonation, the same height, the same octave, at the point that two stages will look like a copypasta? No, that’s just idiot. They do really sing live, and many other singers don’t do the same. As any human, they can make mistakes, they can have a sore throat, and so on. Just listen to a live by, for example, Shakira, you’ll find there’s a way bigger difference between the live and the studio versions, than for Kalafina.
    – “Final words” -> yes, the people at Sony want to exploit Kalafina as much as they can. That’s not their fault. Customers are here (but not so many of them actually, with studio albums selling at around 30,000 each, that’s not a giant phenomenon), shouldn’t they benefit from it?


  14. April 20, 2013 at 12:32 AM

    Honestly, I get what you guys meant to say. Well, this article by Seoulbeats sums up what I mean, especially the comment by Ignis Invictus.

  15. 15 Trulahn
    March 15, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    Not debating Kalafina’s ido status. However, I don’t understand why so many of you are obsessed with the fact that Kalafina don’t write their own songs. You need to look at that from the other direction. How many singers actually do write their own songs? Even many rock bands these days don’t write all of their own songs. Some of the greatest singers past and present don’t write all of their own songs, or any songs at all. Many artists have their favorite go-to song writers. That doesn’t make these singers “idols.” Do opera singers write operas? Do musical performers write musicals? Music can be a collaborative art. Kajiura does her part writing and Kalafina do their part singing and the band does their part playing instruments.

  16. 16 EMIYA
    May 9, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    As a huge fan of theirs I say that indeed they are turning into an idol group. I don’t particularly care that they’re not writing their own songs though – the fact that it is Kajiura doing that makes their music completely out of this world. However, it is their singing and harmonization that make them a great singing group. I’m a little touchy about that.

  17. May 19, 2014 at 6:18 PM

    You still around here? Haha :p

    Most of what I would say in response to this post has probably been covered in the comments, based on my quick skim. But anyway, I was wondering: how would you define the difference between an idol and an artist? A lot of the arguments are based around “doing A makes you an idol”, “artists do B” etc., but I don’t see why being an idol and an artist has to be mutually exclusive.

    Interesting post though!

  18. June 30, 2014 at 1:49 AM

    In all honesty, I’m surprised there are still people reading this article. I appreciate that. Although I think I have to clarify that I still love Kalafina regardless of what I have said on the article lol.

    I think there’s always been uncertain line between what people refer to as “IDOL” and “ARTIST”, though in Japan, you could say that what they call “IDOL” is… well, the likes of AKB48, Morning Musume, Momoiro Clover Z etc (In case you ask, I like AKB48 lol). General audience tends to look down at idols because most of them are pretty half-assed in what they do (mostly singing and acting). Having the label of “ARTIST” gives them more pride compared to being “IDOL”. One of the AKB48 graduates, Masuda Yuka admitted that she wasn’t really fond of idol but when she became one she knew how hard they had to strive, especially that she was in the 2nd generation of the group. Idol fans are fickle (not saying that artist fans are not, though).

    I don’t really mind them turning into real idol group, lol. With their image being all grand and majestic, I’m still enchanted when they speak like normal women with all that excitement haha. I guess that’s just my idol fans side showing though but who doesn’t love them when they’re all cute and adorable? Their strong point beside their great singing is their MCs after all (which for some unknown reason got cut from all live releases leaving only the intro and ending ones).

  19. January 11, 2016 at 2:19 AM

    Let’s just say they’re an idol group with an actual singing talent 😉
    I’m okay with that. IMHO I agree that the more marketable Kalafina is, the more lacking their quality as an artist is.

  20. 20 Anastasia
    October 26, 2016 at 6:33 PM

    Kalafina? Low consistency in singing? Are you fucking kidding me. Their vocals are amazing, and they were chosen first and foremost because of their unique VOICES and vocal ability.
    True, they are good-looking, but that’s more like just a bonus. I mean, try and find at least one singer/idol whose voice resembles Wakana’s, Keiko’a or Hikaru’s. How many can you even find? Those girls are talented, and you can’t deny that. It’s not like they don’t have their bad moments(Like Hikaru’s performance in Budokan, or a few Nico Nico performances with sick Wakana) but 90% of their lives are really great. I watch literally every live of theirs that comes out, although I have never been to one myself. And their voices sound better than in the recording. Not to mention how vocally challenging Kajiura’s songs are! Can you really compare their vocals to Akb’s? No offense to Akb fans, but in all honesty, and my opinion is not biased at all, I consider their songs to be of much, much lower quality than Kalafina’s, and vocal-wise these songs aren’t even half as hard and complex as Kalafina’s.
    The Kalafina members are amazing at harmonizing. Really, I have no idea how Kajiura was able to get three people who suit each other SO WELL into one unit. They do make mistakes, and they aren’t perfect – but they are damn good, they are in a much higher level than idols as singers. You can say whatever you want – say that their skirts are short, say that their merchandise is innecessdary, say that their personalities are their selling point, that their dances are cheap and ridiculous but don’t you ever say that their vocals are inconsistent/bad/low in quality. Their vocals and their music are the one and only reason I love them so much.

  21. October 30, 2016 at 11:23 AM

    First of all, thanks for even reading the post lol.

    I wonder how long have you been into Kalafina? That’s the only question I have. I ain’t gonna say more. *winks*

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