Me, Anai Chihiro, and AKB48 Senbatsu Election 2015

Anai Chihiro Election poster by me

I have considered doing this for a long while but only after seeing the preliminary result that I felt the urge to actually write a post on why I voted for HKT48’s team H captain, Anai Chihiro, aside from the shallow reason that she is my oshimen.

Before I give you the reasons why I decided to throw all my votes into her, let me briefly introduce you to who Anai Chihiro is:

Transformation into a true beauty

Her profile pictures from year to year. Transformation into a beautiful swan.

She is one of the 1st generation of HKT48 and was promoted to the original team H on April 2012 as well as getting a position as the team captain. She has been part of the senbatsu in all HKT48 singles (or HKT48’s songs in AKB B-side tracks) and also one of the more prominent members of HKT48. She is well-known for the ponkotsu (good-for-nothing) image, especially with her incapability of playing guitar properly (lol).

Now, moving on to the reasons why I voted for her. While Chihiro is one of the permanent senbatsu, she has never been at the front row. Of course, she does have the privilege of appearing in magazines both in her capacity as a senbatsu member (or a captain). Yet, she is consistently pushed the the side or the dead last row despite of being one of HKT48’s highest ranker in senbatsu election 2014 or Handshake Event sales.

Can you spot where Chihiro is in the picture?

The promotional picture for HKT48’s latest single “12 byou”. Can you spot where Chihiro is?

As a team captain, she is beloved by not only by fellow team H or 1st gen members, but also other members of the group. Her vice captain in team H, Matsuoka Natsumi, mentioned a few times that there was no one in the group who didn’t like their captain. Even though the girls, including Chihiro herself, were not confident with her capability to be a captain at the beginning (since they thought that she was too gentle for the role), her leadership style that leaned toward the supporting type had gained their trust. Despite of her ponkotsu image, she is very earnest and highly scheduled, making her a reliable captain of the team. One of the former team H members, Motomura Aoi, stated that she couldn’t imagine team H captain being anyone but Chihiro.

Everybody wants a piece of Chihiro.

Everybody loves Chihiro.

If we talk about Chihiro’s capability as an idol, I believe that she is arguably one of the better performers in HKT. With her lengthy history of practicing ballet, she is capable of dancing gracefully with precision, and not only that, she is also good in expressing the emotions of the songs through her body language and facial expression. You can see how she stood out the most in this video of team H performing the song “Cinderella wa Damasarenai”.

Speaking of body language and facial expression, it would be wise if we talked about her gravure photos. She has always been shown with more modest poses in contrary to other HKT members who are more prominently featured in gravure magazines. However, despite of her baby-looking face and reserved poses, she can pull the alluring look that melts the hearts (and the heads) of the guys (and some of the girls, duh). She also has nicely shaped waistline to compensate her lack-of round butts and boobs (lol).

Sorry, this is the safest yet the most alluring one I can find (lol).

One of the pages of Chihiro’s gravure from the magazine Young Gangan. Modest, yet still alluring enough.

Last, she had never been this bold in stating her opinion. Chihiro has always been rather subdued in expressing her thoughts and this is, perhaps, the first time she expressed it for all of the fans that she aimed to rank at the 16th position! As she has stated so many times that it is perhaps a wall too high to climb but she mentioned that she wanted to look up, move forward and no longer be the one looking at other people’s back.

End of words, I won’t ask for you to vote for Chihiro anymore because I know you have your oshimen to vote for on your priority but I would appreciate it if you are willing to spare even just one vote for Chihiro.

Thank you for reading until the end of this post and even more words of gratitude if you do vote for her.



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