Mami Kawada’s ‘masterpiece’ is on YouTube !!

yeahh i’m still on vacation but yet there are so many things that i WANT and NEED to download already… Y-Y

for example… this !!!

Mami Kawada – masterpiece

yes, i don’t know why but even the single has been somehow leaked again o_O;; Mami’s singles are always leaked faster than the release date. how come ?! -_-a

well, i don’t care. i’ll still wait for the 320kbps version so gotta wait until the release date 😛

and, anyway, talking about the PV… i like the dark aura in the PV… and… especially… seeing Mami as a prisoner… *devilish grin* she somehow fits being a prissoner xD xD and she’s abit seducing as a prisoner xD xD *what am I thinking about ?!?! xD xD*

no no… i’m not kidding. she’s really sexier in the PV as the prisoner… *KYAAA, I’m really OVER-EXCITED that i cough a lot when i wrote this post xD xD* her prisoner style is rather like BDSM, bondage if you asked me what i mean with BDSM. being tied on bed, chair and chained ?? whooaaaaa, that is so…  xD xD *passed out from over-excited imagination*

*regain conciousness* but anyway, i like how Mami’s PVs lately always have somekind of theme. like in ‘PSI-missing’, it’s kinda about HELL, HEAVEN, and LIFE. and in ‘masterpiece’, it’s ‘escaping the prison’ theme. cool, and she’s even caught again in the end… by another Mami… yes, i really love this PV x3 x3 i DID say that ‘PSI-missing might still be better than ‘masterpiece’, but i’ve changed my mind. ‘masterpiece’ is better, and it’s a lot COOLER than ‘PSI-missing’

about the song… hmm… what i should say. i personally think it’s stronger than ‘PSI-missing’ but i won’t say much before i listened to ‘jellyfish’, the single’s B-side track. fred said that ‘jellyfish’ is much better than ‘masterpiece’, making me more and more curious x3 x3

ps. i don’t know where to put this, but i wonder why Mami is getting thinner, thinner, and thinner… i like her abit chubbier x3


2 Responses to “Mami Kawada’s ‘masterpiece’ is on YouTube !!”

  1. February 4, 2009 at 5:52 AM

    maybe she’s on a diet?? XD *gets shot*

    Yeah I also noticed that. When I’m watching her past PVs like radiance, Seed, Hishoku no Sora up to Beehive, she’s a bit chubby but when I saw her on Get my way!, up to masterpiece, she looks like she undergone some kinda weight-loss session. Haha!

    Well I don’t really know if masterpiece is stronger than PSI-missing. I’ll check out Oricon tonight. xD

    Oh maybe the reason you preferred masterpiece than jellyfish is that the latter didn’t much considered the amount of lyrics. It’s more of a pack of instrumentation — trance-y ones. xD Well that’s just my observation because the lyrics itself is short. ^o^

  2. February 6, 2009 at 6:38 PM

    *ROTFLOL* probably yes. she’s on a diet, or she’s so busy that she can’t even do her hobby, eating xD xD *gets kicked*
    well, she was still quite chubby until portamento. she started to look that “slim” since PSI-missing. new image maybe ?? sexy image ?? xD xD *gets kicked again*

    haha, that’s not really the reason. it’s the type that i might like if i had listened to it a lot of times =3

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